Community guidelines

As in real life, relationships are based on trust.
While Yakaz is committed to helping people communicate with one another locally, we also require that our members comply with applicable laws, policies and regulations.

Soliciting illegal activity either implicitly or explicitly on Yakaz is prohibited. Once again, behave like in real life: respect one another, respect the community. Here is a non-exhaustive basic list of things that can't be done on Yakaz:
  • Don't be hateful, obscene, offensive, racist, or violent.
  • Don't sell or buy illegal items or services.
  • Make sure you have the right to publish any content you post to Yakaz, and don't violate the privacy of others.
  • Yakaz is not for pornography or sexually explicit activities. You may not offer or solicit illegal prostitution, obscene material or child pornography.

In all cases, you should act in compliance with our Terms & Conditions. If you have any doubt, don't hesitate to read them or to contact us.

If you feel offended or harassed by another user, you can:
  • Report it to us by clicking on the "Report Spam" icon on his profile.
  • Stop him from contacting you and make all messages he posts invisible to you by clicking on the "Block" icon on his profile. After you do this, you will no longer see the messages he posts, and he won't be able to contact you through Yakaz.
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